About Us  

Medi-Infotec Pvt Ltd, Parent company of Medi-Infotec group of companies (www.mediinfotec.com) based in Chennai, India, is a 16 year old company addressing the needs of the healthcare industry, catering to clients spread over India, South East Asia and the Middle East. With experience gained with extended exposure to the healthcare industry, Medi-Infotec has evolved with the industry and has pioneered solutions and services for this very demanding industry.

Medi-Infotec specializes in Healthcare Information Systems and has been developing these solutions since 1996 and is perhaps one among the earliest players in the country in this segment.

Medi-Infotec has developed and implemented their solutions for over 100 clientele spread over India, Srilanka, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia and the Middle East. These solutions serve clientele ranging from individual clinic to Hospital of 700 size bed.

Medi-Infotec provides healthcare solutions to hospitals, Laboratories, Chain of Clinics & Laboratories through its 4 major verticals as mentioned below.

1. Healthcare Solutions
2. Laboratory Automation and Interfaces
3. Imaging Solutions
4. Healthcare Consultancy