Company Profile

Medi-Infotec is Health Information Technology (IT) consultant and services provider, offering Hospitals flexible delivery capabilities. Medi-infotec advises clients on strategic business and technology plans as well as develops and implements appropriate IT application solutions, thus helping them to gain competitive advantage in their highly competitive business areas.

Medi-Infotec's versatile end-to-end service capabilities include: Business Consulting, Browser based development systems in various platforms like JAVA, .NET etc .

As a progressive medical software company, we take pride in working consistently with our health care clients to deliver packages based on their unique situation and practice requirements. This equals making their business more efficient where they can expect measurable improvements in customer satisfaction and market share.

In a world full of medical software applications we choose to be different and original in our approach. We are proud to say our software is an integration of new ideas, most of them originating as valuable suggestions from our existing customers.

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