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An increase in patients' expectations has put hospitals under a lot of pressure to improve quality of patient care services. But, at the same time, hospitals need to focus on reducing costs in the long-term to sustain profits and compete with other hospitals. To meet these goals, hospitals need an information system, which enables full control of hospital and improves quality of patient care. Mediinfotec, founded by doctors, has understood these needs of hospitals and built a customizable integrated hospital information system - "HIPPOCRATES"


High Patient Satisfaction

With Hippocrates, patient waiting time can bring down effectively by scheduling and tracking appointments. Medication errors and duplication errors will be completely eliminated, which enables faster and better decision-making of doctors. Overall, the standard of patient care greatly improves which will lead to high patient satisfaction and builds trust in patients.


Improves Operational Efficiency

Being an integrated information system, Hippocrates reduces turnaround time by improving flow of information across various units of a hospital. Also, the hospital staff would be able to attend to more patients in a day without comprising on quality of service.

Better Cost Control

In a hospital, management can monitor transactions, inventory and accounting from the start and gain insights into various cost and revenue centers. Based on the insights, the management would be able to make well-informed decisions to manage costs and boost revenues.

Mediinfotec Advantage

  • Doctors designed system
  • Successfully customized the system to more than 100 hospitals located across multiple regions in Asia
  • Experience of providing solution for different sizes of hospitals ranging from 30 bed to 700 bed
  • Proven track record of customer satisfaction (References available based on request)
  • 24/7 support

HIPPOCRATES modules including but not limited to:
  • Doctor Appointment
  • Patient Registration
  • Outpatient (OP) Transactions
  • Inpatient (IP) Transactions
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Inventory Management
  • Ward/Bed Management
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Reports
  • Integrated Hospital Information System
  • Customizable to meet the process of a hospital
  • Real time access of Patient health related information
  • Timely monitoring of Hospital Performance Indicators from the start
  • Security of patient records through role based access to data
  • Centralized User Session Management
  • Easy-to-use and scalable system

Our Mission