Laboratory Management
  • Configuration of a test
    System provides an option to configure tests. This includes
    Test names
    Department name to which it belongs to
    Required sample
    Methods of test.
    Reference ranges for each component
    Type of Result
    i. Numeric (Blood Sugar, Urea, etc)
    ii. Alpha Numeric Short Text (Blood Grouping and Rh Factor)
    iii. Paragraph Text (Blood Smear, Biopsy Report, etc)
    iv. Special Test (GTT, Haemogram, Semen Analysis, etc)
    v. Culture and Sensitivity
    (The format of Result entry varies for every type Result.)
    Unit for the Result
    Panic Value ranges for the biochemical tests.
  • Samples
    System provides an option to create sample names by the authorized user. Any number of specific new sample names can be created.
  • Profiles
    System provides an option to define Profiles. Profiles are mapped to tests.
  • Results Entry
    Results can be entered manually or it will be read from the equipment – interfaced data, which is done through equipment. When the entered result falls under panic values, alert can be given to the users for all biochemical tests.
  • Results Printing
    Results will be printed with Normal Ranges.
    Individual test results printing.
    Bill wise Result printing
    Printing is allowed only once . Reprinting can be done only by authorized User.
  • Test wise Results entry
    When the tests are done in a batch, user can choose this option to enter the Test results in a batch with respect to each test.
  • Indication of highs/lows/panic levels
    System flags high, low and panic values against the results captured for all the biochemical tests.

    This module has comprehensive features required to perform the clinical and administrative functions and to generate relevant repots.

  • Configuration of an Investigation
    System provides an option to configure tests. This includes :
    Investigation names
    Department name to which it belongs to
    The film size used
  • Result Templates System provides an option to create multiple result templates to facilitate reporting with ease.
  • Film Consumption The system captures the film consumed for the test. Double exposures can be trapped.
    Material Management System

    Material Management systems include, central purchase, mainstore to transfer goods to various sub stores and from sub stores to various departments and the pharmacy.

  • Purchases Purchase is centralized for every substore and the pharmacy. Items are tagged with suppliers and the system prompts the best price and bonus available for the items. Settlement of the suppliers option is available.
  • Sub Stores Any number of sub stores can be created and the stocks are maintained individually for each sub store. Stock is transferred from the centralized mainstore and purchase and expiry returns are taken care of by the main store. Transfer of goods between sub stores is available. Items to be returned due to various reasons are transferred to main store from where it reaches the suppliers.

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